What is Website Hosting?

If you want to launch a site and make it visible to the whole world, it must be hosted on a hosting server. This service is called hosting. Website Hosting or in short Web Hosting is a sort of online service that permits persons and businesses to render their online portals available on the web. Hosting service providers are companies that offer storage space on a hosting server situated in a datacenter and ensure uninterrupted Internet connection.

Host your website at home or elsewhere

You could host your site on your own personal computer at your house or at your workplace, on a PC which belongs to a mate of yours, etc. If it is a web site for experimenting purposes, there would be no real need for you to discover a more powerful hosting solution than that. If you wish to develop a real website, however, which will be accessible to many visitors and you would like to make it reliable, you will also need a stable web hosting server on which you will host it.

Why do you require a server for your website?

When you own a website, it is hosted on a physical server. That physical server has its own physical address called IP address. Typing the IP of the server in your browser’s address bar, though, is not the best and quickest method to access a website. That is how and why domain names appeared and why you need one for your web site. So, to establish your web site, you require your own domain name and a server to host your web site on.

Where do you begin?

The World Wide Web is an integral fragment of everyone’s everyday life. It gives you the opportunity to gain additional money, but can also be a major source of revenue. In order to incorporate commercials on your site or to popularize a product that you offer, you always need a website hosting solution, which will make sure that your web site is safe and constantly visible. But how do you find one that is affordable and yet reliable enough?

The shared hosting platform

The solution web hosting service providers have introduced is called shared web hosting. With the shared hosting solution, plenty of clients are hosted on one and the very same web server. There are rigid limitations on the system resources that each account can in fact avail of, thus making certain that they do not meddle with each other. The shared hosting solution offers acceptable performance and is more affordably priced than, let’s say, a dedicated web hosting server, which is used by only one individual. The shared solution permits website hosting suppliers to offer their customers attractive prices. It usually comes with user-friendly hosting Control Panel software, as is the case with Exclusive Hosting, and lets everyone manage their web sites without bothering about server setup and maintenance tasks, which are entirely taken care of by the website hosting firm.

Virtual Private Web Server Hosting

With the virtual server web hosting solution, on the other hand, you share a physical machine with other private virtual server hosting account owners, but you are allocated a dedicated share of the resources. The virtual private web server hosting solution is the middle ground between the much more moderately priced shared hosting solution and the more high-priced dedicated web hosting solution, and is a very good solution for anyone who wishes to make, for example, a live streaming site or a community portal. The circumstance that you need to take care of the server configuration settings and software updates yourself is somewhat of a weakness, but this could also be a great asset if you indeed have to make some server configuration modifications – something that would be unthinkable on a shared hosting web server.

Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Dedicated hosting web servers are in the majority of instances much more expensive than shared or virtual server web hosting solutions. You might ask why would anyone want to use a dedicated hosting server then? The explanation is very simple. If your corporation has a heavy resource-absorbing web portal, or just has very precise web server setup and safety requirements, the most sensible option is a dedicated server that you or your admins can administer directly. For someone who is willing to invest in safety and dependability, the bigger price is of no concern. You have complete server root access and can use 100 percent of the physical server’s system resources without anyone else using these resources and interfering with your web portals.

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