How Does Cloud Web Hosting Function?

Reseller site hosting and “THE BIG CLOUD”

Today, almost each and every hosting and reseller hosting vendor toys with the maxim “cloud hosting”. In reality, the web hosting companies working with a genuine cloud hosting system are probably less than the fingers of your own two hands. That’s a fact. Why is it like that? Because it’s darned hard to concoct an authentic cloud web space hosting system. First, you must choose the correct individuals. Second, it takes years for them to establish the cloud site hosting system. Last, but not least, it requires a lot of money. Loads of cash. Not every developer or sysadmin can be part of an initiative like this one…

Several clouds in the cloudless site hosting horizon

Reflect on this: how many hybrid vehicle manufacturers exist out there? Toyota was the earliest pioneer of the series production of hybrid cars. Commenced about 10 years ago. Recalling anyone else? Huh? Series production? Come on. Try once more. Nissan lately has joined the company… going straightway electric with the Leaf prototype. So, let’s get back to cloud web space hosting… It appears to us, the whole web hosting sky is clear, with very tiny clouds around (perchance only several). 🙂

cPanel-based site hosting versus CLOUD WEBSPACE HOSTING

How many of the cPanel-based reseller hosting vendors in existence offer actual cloud hosting services? Let’s not forget, cPanel was invented for and still operates exclusively on a single hosting server. In no less than ninety nine point ninety nine percent of the cPanel installations in the world, cPanel runs on a single web hosting server. To make it short, the cPanel shared web hosting solution is a one-single-hosting-server-does-it-all kind of a hosting platform. All storage, email, database, FTP, site hosting CP, DNS, etc. services are being carried out simultaneously on one single web hosting server.

One-server webspace hosting environments: the queue problem

Here’s an illustration: it’s like running eight software programs simultaneously on your PC. The computer’s operation inevitably slows down markedly, since now there is a lengthy queue with requests awaiting to be served or fulfilled (generated by these eight software programs running at the same time). So, when the cPanel-based web hosting reseller providers dub the web site hosting solutions that are being offered “cloud web space hosting-based”, it’s a good idea to enquire: “What type of cloud are you hinting at?”

The heavy haze around the cPanel-based “cloud hosting” platform

This so-called “cloud” these cPanel-dedicated chaps are quoting, in actuality, to a certain degree, looks like a huge mist or a condensed fog. Of course this is not a cloud, even a miniature one. In the best-case scenario, some of the cPanel web hosting corporations (perchance only several) succeed to configure a remote database or DNS name server (or servers), and here you are, they quickly exclaim – we are “in the cloud” already. Yeah, right. Is it a nighttime cloud? Because during the day we can’t spot it on the horizon!

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